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For Installers: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  1. If you have participated to the last Summer Cash Back Promotion, you are automatically registered for this Promotion.
    However please ensure your details are still correct: GO ONLINE to and click on Installer's Access. You can use the same email as your login and password to connect to your account.
  2. If you are interested in registering for this Installer Reward program, simply got to and click on Installer's Access to create an account.
  3. From a April to 31 july 2017, your customers must redeem their Holiday Voucher online, upload their invoice and provide your company details (from the invoice).
  4. Once your customer's claim is approved you will then receive an email advising that you are entitled to a Reward. Lead-time: 4 to 6 weeks approval process.
  5. You pick a Prize Reward OR a Cash Reward and can redeem immediately or keep saving to get a higher value reward on the next installatiom job(s).
    So, the more MHIAA units you install, the bigger the prize! It's as simple as that!
  6. You can go ONLINE anytime through out the promotion to check the value of the reward(s) you are entitled to get and the list of customers that nominated you.


The promotion runs from 1 April to 31 July 2017. All details are available on

Terms & Condtions apply. For more information contact Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on

For full terms and conditions please visit| Permits pending

Set Model No. Consumer Holiday Voucher
Ducted Systems Indoor Model Outdoor Model kW
FDUA100AVNVF2 FDUA100VF FDCA100VN 10kW $100.00
FDUA125AVNXVF FDUA125VF FDCA125VNX 12.5kW $200.00
High Wall Split Systems Indoor Model Outdoor Model kW
DXK06ZM-Set DXK06ZM-S DXC06ZM-S 2.0kW $50.00
DXK09ZMA-Set DXK09ZMA-S DXC09ZMA-S 2.5kW $50.00
DXK12ZMA-Set DXK12ZMA-S DXC12ZMA-S 3.3kW $100.00
DXK18ZMA-Set DXK18ZMA-S DXC18ZMA-S 5kW $100.00
DXK21ZMA-Set DXK21ZMA-S DXC21ZMA-S 6.3kW $100.00
DXK24ZMA-Set DXK24ZMA-S DXC24ZMA-S 7.1kW $100.00
DXK28ZMA-Set DXK28ZMA-S DXC28ZMA-S 8kW $100.00
DXK32ZMA-Set DXK32ZMA-S DXC32ZMA-S 9.2kW $100.00
SRK10YL-Set SRK10YL-S SRC10YL-S 2.5kW $100.00
SRK13YL-Set SRK13YL-S SRC13YL-S 3.5kW $100.00
SRK18YL-Set SRK18YL-S SRC18YL-S 5kW $100.00
SRK24YMA-Set SRK24YMA-S SRC24YMA-S 7.1kW $100.00
SRK20ZMA-Set SRK20ZMA-S SRC20ZMA-S 2.0kW $50.00
SRK25ZMA-Set SRK25ZMA-S SRC25ZMA-S 2.5kW $50.00
SRK35ZMA-Set SRK35ZMA-S SRC35ZMA-S 3.3kW $100.00
SRK50ZMA-Set SRK50ZMA-S SRC50ZMA-S 5kW $100.00
SRK63ZMA-Set SRK63ZMA-S SRC63ZMA-S 6.3kW $100.00
SRK71ZMA-Set SRK71ZMA-S SRC71ZMA-S 7.1kW $100.00
SRK80ZMA-Set SRK80ZMA-S SRC80ZMA-S 8kW $100.00
SRK92ZMA-Set SRK92ZMA-S SRC92ZMA-S 9.2kw $100.00
SRK20ZMXA-Set SRK20ZXMA-S SRC20ZMXA-S 2.0kW $50.00
SRK20ZSA-W-Set SRK20ZSA-W SRC20ZSA-W 2.0kW $50.00
SRK25ZSA-W-Set SRK25ZSA-W SRC25ZSA-W 2.5kW $50.00
SRK35ZSA-W-Set SRK35ZSA-W SRC35ZSA-W 3.5kW $100.00
SRK50ZSA-W-Set SRK50ZSA-W SRC50ZSA-W 5.0kW $100.00
SRK71ZRA-W-Set SRK71ZRA-W SRC71ZRA-W 7.1kW $100.00
SRK80ZRA-W-Set SRK80ZRA-W SRC80ZRA-W 8.0kW $100.00
DXK06ZSA-W-Set DXK06ZSA-W DXC06ZSA-W 2.0kW $50.00
DXK09ZSA-W-Set DXK09ZSA-W DXC09ZSA-W 2.5kW $50.00
DXK12ZSA-W-Set DXK12ZSA-W DXC12ZSA-W 3.5kW $100.00
DXK18ZSA-W-Set DXK18ZSA-W DXC18ZSA-W 5.0kW $100.00
DXK24ZRA-W-Set DXK24ZRA-W DXC24ZRA-W 7.1kW $100.00
DXK28ZRA-W-Set DXK28ZRA-W DXC28ZRA-W 8.0kW $100.00
Consumer FAQs

For Installers: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Installer Faqs

What are the promotion dates?

Valid Purchase& Installation dates are 1 April – 31 July 2017

When is the cut off for claims?

31 August 2017

Who qualifies?

To be eligible for the installer REWARD, YOU MUST BE AN ACCREDITED INSTALLER.

How does it work?

Every time your end-consumer submits a claim online and enters your details correctly on their claim, YOU (the installer) will receive a cash reward.
So, it pays for you to recommend and install MHI units.

How do I claim my reward?

No claim is required, as an INSTALLER all you have to do is inform your customers about the promotion and encourage your customers to buy MHI products. When your customers claim their Qantas holiday eVoucher online, as long as they complete your details on the claim you will be rewarded.

Once your customer completes their claim online, you will receive an email advising you of your cash or prize reward entitlement.

It’s important that you provide your customer with correct information to support their claim online. Simply ask them to go to to complete the form.

What information does your customer need to make their claim?

Purchase Information required for the on-line application by the end-consumer:

A.Supply & Install ONLY

  • Date of purchase
  • Dealer/Installer Name / ABN
  • Applicable trade licence no.
  • Email address

Your customer will UPLOAD a copy of their invoice

B.Supply of Air-conditioning unit ONLY

  • Date of purchase
  • Store Name / State
  • State

Your customer will UPLOAD a copy of their invoice

B.1 Install ONLY
Your customer has to nominate you as their installer. Therefore as an Installer, it is your responsibility to ensure you supply your customer an INSTALLATION INVOICE with your correct contact details so we can reward you.

Installer Information Your customer will complete this section if they choose to nominate you as their INSTALLER. Please provide your correct contact on the INSTALLATION INVOICE details so we can reward you.

  • Date of purchase
  • Business Name / ABN
  • Installer Contact Name
  • Applicable trade licence no.
  • Email address

Your customer will UPLOAD a copy of their INSTALLATION invoice

How do I get my reward?

Connect to your Account on (Installer’s access) and visit our online catalogue to choose and order your reward.
If you are not able to access the online catalogue, please contact us at

What information do I need to provide?

Account Information

  • Account Name
  • Bank Name
  • Account Number
  • BSB Number
Is there a limit to the number of claims I can receive?

There is no limit for INSTALLATION REWARDS. You can sell and install as many MHI products to your customers as you like within the promotional period. Your job is to ensure your consumer submits their claim online before the due date.

I have an account with MHIAA as a dealer; will I be entitled to the reward?

If you sold any promotional MHI products as a supply & install to your customer (Residential application only) within the promotional period, then YES you are entitled to the reward.

I have an account with MHIAA as a dealer/reseller; and sold MHI products to my trade customers, will I be entitled to the reward?

NO, unfortunately you are not entitled to the reward.However, you should push this promotion with your trade customer base, as it will boost your sales.

I am an accredited installer and I don’t have an account with MHIAA, but purchased MHI products from another dealer/wholesaler; will I be entitled to the reward?

You are only entitled to the reward if your end-consumer (Mr & Mrs Smith for example) purchased the air-con unit from you including installation. When your customer claims online for their Qantas Holiday eVoucher, ONLY then you will be rewarded.

I am an accredited installer contracted by the end-consumer to install their air-con unit/s, am I be entitled to the reward?

For example: Installer found your business in the Yellow Pages or on-line directory / or recommend by someone.
YES, you are entitled to the reward. However, your customer must nominate you as their installer when they submit their online claim. So make sure you supply your customer an INSTALLATION INVOICE with your correct contact details so you can be rewarded.

Which MHI model eligible and how much will I get?

Below are the VALID models for this promotion, with reward amounts highlighted.


Are there any special requirements?

Valid models must be purchased, installed and paid for in full during 1 April – 31 July 2017

Valid Split System Air Conditionerswill be processed as a SET UNIT that consists of an INDOOR and an OUTDOOR model number.

For validation, you must supply the following…

For example: Your customer purchased SRK71ZMA-SET from you. Your consumer will receive $100 QantasHoliday eVoucher and we will reward you $50 for recommending & installing MHI product to your customer’s house or property.

How many claims can your customer submit?

1.A maximum of three (3) eligible products purchased in one (1) transaction can be claimed towards the cash back offer.

2.Eligible Claimants may submit a maximum of one (1) Eligible Claim per household in the Promotion. Duplicate tax invoices will be rejected.

Can Business claim the consumer Holidays Voucher?

No. Business applications will not be accepted. Invoices in a business name or ABN will NOT be accepted.

NOTE: Your customer can NOT claim if the purchase is for a business?
This promotion is for residential applications only.Business purchases will not be accepted.

Only residential applications can be considered for this promotion, therefore the name on the Invoice must have a personal name to prove ownership of the Air Conditioning System.

Invoice issued to a Business Name (or listing a customer ABN) cannot and will NOT be processed.

NOTE: This promotion is for Residential applications only.
Business purchases will not be accepted.

What is the limit for installer reward?

There is no limit for INSTALLATER REWARDS. You can sell and install as many MHI products to your customers as you like within the promotional period.

Can your customer claim over the phone or by post?

Unfortunately NO,only Online Applications or email will be accepted at
Telephone or Fax applications will NOT be accepted or processed.

Completed applications must be lodged online by 31 August 2017

It is the responsibility of your Customer to ensure that ALL correct & required information is provided online by this date. If a claim fails to be correctly entered, it will not be processed and NO further correspondence will be entered into.

If you have any concerns, please email us at

Can I see all my customer claims?

Yes, just log on to the Installer Access on the promotion website and you should be able to see a list of your customers who submitted their claim.

Installer’s Responsibility:


Applications found to be fraudulent will be declined and subjected to further investigation and may incur legal ramifications.

Promotion Terms & Conditions

It is your responsibility to ensure that ALL correct details are provided.

If a claim is incorrectly submitted and/or is incomplete as of 23:59 AEDT 31 August 2017 then no cash reward will be issued, and no further correspondence will be entered into.

To view the full Terms & Conditions of the promotion visit our website